You Can’t Be Shy in Business

Find Your Real Point of Difference and Shamelessly Own It!

You might be surprised by my approach.

I don’t believe in instant results, easy wins or success without effort.

I DO believe in digging deep to find that one idea that makes your business different; defining it with a word or phrase; and then shamelessly owning it through clear, consistent communication.

Occasionally your point of difference is obvious. More often than not, it’s a real challenge to pinpoint your competitive edge. Sometimes, you just have to block out the noise and look at your business from a fresh perspective.

Is it easy? Heck no!  But you’ll be amazed at how the power of owning one idea can fuel your future success.

See How It's Done

3 Steps We Can Work Through Together

My number one objective is to ensure that you have a brand that is truly competitive. All else fails without this certainty.

What Is Your Competitive Advantage?

I Can Help You Find Your Business Mojo!

Your brand positioning impacts every aspect of your marketing and is reflected across all your messaging: your website content, advertising, public relations, social media and SEO.

In fact, brand positioning is THE most important factor in establishing your business as the preferred brand within your niche.

If you don’t get your positioning right in the beginning, you will never achieve the levels of certainty, consistency and persuasion needed to succeed.

Sometimes, brand positioning is clear-cut. More often than not, you will need the guidance of an objective and skilled practitioner to  pinpoint the very aspect of your business that can separate you from your competitors. What makes you different? Can you articulate it? Can you demonstrate it?

Positioning is my passion, and I can help you with yours.